'Food and Beverage Tips' articles

Beverage Consumption – How Much?

Beverage Consumption – Wondering how much alcohol to get for your guests? This is one of the hardest aspects to work out for any event and you are basically taking an educated guess, there are no exact formulas but below we have detailed a few formulas and aspects to consider to help with your planning. […]

Corkage – What is it?

Corkage One of the most misconcieved terms in food and beverage. Most people think that corkage is a charge to take the cork out of a bottle of wine. People have even been known to buy the new twist top wine bottles to avoid this cost. This is incorrect. Corkage is a service charge. Typically, it […]

Beverage Packages

Beverage Packages are an option that you may be presented by your Caterer/venue. A package will be a selection of beverage put together by a caterer and then charged at a set price per person for a set amount of time. (ie $35.00 per person for 4 hours). This means that you pay this price and […]

Beverage charged on consumption

Beverage on consumption This is an industry statement that basically means that all beverage that is used is charged to your account or tab. The cost will be charged at the caterers normal list prices and you will only be charged for what is used. Remember to check the prices and also stipulate what charges are […]