'Hints and Tips' articles

Candle Secrets

Never need to clean your candelabras again… Are you sick of pouring boiling water over your candelabras to clean them? Simply spray Silicone spray over your candelabras before use and the candle wax will not stick –  it will peal off with ease.  How do I remove candle wax from linen or carpet? To remove candle wax from […]

Chairs suitable for chair covers

Our lycra chair covers will fit nearly every standard conference chair in New Zealand. The standard conference chair must have four legs with four feet and no arms! YES! Our chaircovers will fit these chairs:         NO – Sorry, our covers do not fit these chairs:         If you […]

Fitting and caring for your chair covers

Correctly fitting a DIY Events Lycra Chair Cover:         For ease of setting follow this guide Place tables in room and fully set with linen, centrepieces, cutlery and glassware Once tables are set then place chairs around the tables Drape each chair with one cover (loosely) Once every chair has a cover, start at one end […]