'Planning Your Event' articles

How many people will fit in a room or marquee?

This is simply a guide to give you a starting point for planning marquee and room occupancy levels. Type of event and space required: (suggested minimums) A Plated Dinner requires 1.2m² per person. A Buffet Dinner and Dance requires 1.5m² per person Use the following formula:     (LxW)÷1.2 or 1.5 =number of people The length x width of a room […]

Event Lighting

Exciting, Elegant Event Lighting Lighting is the strongest medium available to transform a venue into an exciting, elegant environment. Lighting production companies take the client or event planner’s ideas and dreams and make it happen by using an assortment of highly technical lighting. We recommend Event Impressions for all your technical lighting requirements. Be prepared for lots of questions. Some points to consider:  What type of event […]